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100% OFF Crowdfunding your Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign Udemy Coupon

Get your Indiegogo Campaign over funded using the latest Crowdfunding strategies to build your start up

Indiegogo a runner up in the Crowdfunding community has many gems most campaigners don’t even know it exists. Here I will be showing you how you can tap into Indiegogo’s many features and resources to squeeze every drop of dollar it can offer you. On this course, I will teach you how to get the most out of your money and time.

We will cover:

• Pre-launch tactics and setting up a page

• Social Media and all you need to know about Facebook Ads

• Launch Process

• The Marketplace for your campaign and

• The Option available to you after the campaign as a business

With all I offer you will get the idea, you always taught of but didn’t have the time or money, up off the ground. Life is short and we only get to live once. So lets leave a mark on this earth with will we still can.

Come join me and live out your adventure

Who this course is for:
  • Students having trouble with Crowdfunding
  • Students intending on running an Indiegogo Campaign
  • Students who wants to learn more about Crowdfunding on Indiegogo
  • Students who wants to transition from a Crowdfunding project to successful business

James Carter

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