100% OFF Learn Graphs and Social Network Analytics Using Python Udemy Coupon

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100% OFF Learn Graphs and Social Network Analytics Using Python Udemy Coupon

Learn Graphs and Social Network Analytics Using Python course is absolutely designed for beginners , graph enthusiast ready to analyze the world using graphs

BRAND NEW COURSE IS HERE ! Learn Graphs and Social Network Analytics .Become a graph and social analyst today. This is a comprehensive course , simple and straight forward for python enthusiast and those with little python background. You want to learn about how to draw graphs and analyze them, this is the course for you. This course will contain some quizzes, test and some homework assignments, as well as some real world assignment projects. There is over 55 lectures and about 6hours to complete the course. This course comes with live coding screenshots using iPython Notebook .Below is the list of the course summary

– Overivew of networkX

– Install networkX module and iPython Notebooks

– Create nodes

– Add edges to nodes

– Getting attributes from a graph

– Manipulate your graphs ie.; remove nodes /edges

– Create DiGraphs/MultiGraphs/MultiDiGraphs

– Graph Generators

– Graph metrics ; shortest path/clustering coefficient

– Define functions

– Visualize graphs

– Calculate nodes/degree/centrality metrics

– Some random graphs

– Small famous graphs

– Reading and writing graph files

– Social network analysis

– Subgraphs

– Facebook Social Network Analysis

Course goals :

-At the end of the course students should be able to learn some basics of graph theory

– Students should be able to analyze Facebook social networks

– Students should take the simple quizzes

– Students should know what is directed and undirected graphs

– Students should be able to visualize graphs using different graph plots

– You can use this course to analyze the world as a network

– Everything in this world is now connected

– Extract useful information from graphs

Life time access to the course. What are you waiting for? Learn practical graph and social network analytics today that would improve your career and increase your knowledge.


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