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100% OFF Perfect English: Fix Common Errors Udemy Coupon

Learn English by focusing on common mistakes with the daily short and convenient lesson format.

Take your English to the next level using the convenient daily short lesson format!

Do you want to improve your English by steering clear from those nasty common mistakes we all make?

Do you want to take a convenient English course that will provide an easy-to-follow daily format to keep you on track?

Do you want to check your understanding after each lesson or review using a quick quiz after every lesson?

Do you want to have an audio version of the lessons to listen to in your car or wherever you may be?

Then you have just found the right course for you.

What is Perfect English: Fix Common Errors?

Perfect English: Fix common Errors is a convenient English course with a convenient 15-20 minute lesson format. The course is divided into four sections representing four weeks with 7 lessons for each day of each week. After each lesson, there is a short quiz that will serve as a quick review tool to keep the information you learn ready to use at all times.

Each of the 28 lessons included in the course will focus on 10 common mistakes through a friendly conversation with our fictional friend, Roberto, but the explanation of the mistakes will go far deeper than the scope of correcting only 10 common mistakes every time. We will dive deeper in those keywords and whenever convenient, we will compare these keywords to other related words. There is a lot of useful information to learn in these 28 lessons.

I have also included an audio version of all the lessons, so if you like to learn on the go, now you can. You may choose to listen to lessons you have already watched to consolidate and remember the new information you will learn, or you may start with them. Either way, the huge benefit is surely yours.

The main focus of the course is to tackle the common mistakes English learners make through context and an easy to remember story line. It will not start from A to Z like traditional courses, but it will be more like being with a English speaker and learning from your interaction with him/her.

James Carter

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